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Sao Tome And Principe Calling Codes

Country:Sao Tome and Principe
Calling Code:+239
= the calling code for Sao Tome and Principe is +239.
International Call Prefix:
(dial out code)
National Trunk Prefix:*none
Telephone Digits:7 digits
How to call or text Sao Tome And Principe from abroad or internationally?

To call or text Sao Tome And Principe's telephone number from abroad you must use the plus sign (+) or exit code of the country you are dialing from. Eg: To call Sao Tome And Principe from the U.S., just dial:

Using plus sign:
(+) (International Code) (Phone Number)
+ 239 xxxxxxx

Using Exit Code:
(Exit Code Prefix) (International Code) (Phone Number)
(00)239- xxxxxxx