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Official NameThe Principality of Andorra
Country Meaning(Shrub-Covered Land)
Motto Strength united is stronger (Official)
AnthemEl Gran Carlemany (The Great Charlemagne)
Capital/CityAndorra la Vella
Population78,015 (0.00% of the world)
LanguagesCatalan (official), French, Castilian, Portuguese
Alpha Code »AD / AND
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Euro (€ EUR)
Central Bank »n/a
Calling Codes+376
Area Total Area: 468 km2 (181 sq mi)
Land: 468 km2 (181 sq mi)
Water: 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
RegionSouthern Europe
Lat/Long42.5462450, 1.6015540
Timezone1 timezone(s)