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Official NameAruba
Country Meaning
MottoAlways progressing (Official)
AnthemAruba Dushi Tera (Aruba, Sweet Land)
Population111,904 (0.00% of the world)
LanguagesPapiamento (official) (a creole language that is a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, and, to a lesser extent, French, as well as elements of African languages and the language of the Arawak) 69.4%, Spanish 13.7%, English (widely spoken) 7.1%, Dutch (official) 6.1%, Chinese 1.5%, other 1.7%, unspecified 0.4% (2010 est.)
Alpha Code »AW / ABW
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Aruban florin (ƒ AWG)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Aruba
Calling Codes+297
Area Total Area: 180 km2 (69 sq mi)
Land: 180 km2 (69 sq mi)
Water: 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
ContinentNorth America
RegionCaribbean Latin America and the Caribbean
Lat/Long12.5211100, -69.9683380
Timezone1 timezone(s)