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Official NameThe Kingdom of Bhutan
Country Meaning(Land of the Thunder Dragon)
Motto (No official motto)
AnthemDruk tsendhen (The Thunder Dragon Kingdom)
Population756,129 (0.01% of the world)
LanguagesSharchopkha 28%, Dzongkha (official) 24%, Lhotshamkha 22%, other 26% (includes foreign languages) (2005 est.)
Alpha Code »BT / BTN
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Bhutanese ngultrum (Nu. BTN)
Indian rupee
Central Bank »Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
Calling Codes+975
Area Total Area: 38,394 km2 (14,824 sq mi)
Land: 38,394 km2 (14,824 sq mi)
Water: 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
RegionSouthern Asia
Lat/Long27.5141620, 90.4336010
Timezone1 timezone(s)