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Official NameThe People's Republic of China
Country Meaning(Center Kingdom)
MottoServe The People! (unofficial) (No official motto)
AnthemYìyǒngjūn Jìnxíngqǔ (March of the Volunteers)
Population1,411,778,724 (17.90% of the world)
LanguagesStandard Chinese or Mandarin (official; Putonghua, based on the Beijing dialect), Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghainese), Minbei (Fuzhou), Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese), Xiang, Gan, Hakka dialects, minority languages (see Ethnic groups entry)
Alpha Code »CN / CHN
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Chinese yuan (¥ or 元 CNY)
Central Bank »People's Bank of China
Calling Codes+86
Area Total Area: 9,572,900 km2 (3,696,100 sq mi)
Land: 9,326,410 km2 (3,600,950 sq mi)
Water: 270,550 km2 (104,460 sq mi)
RegionEastern Asia
Lat/Long35.8616600, 104.1953970
Timezone1 timezone(s)