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Official NameKalaallit Nunaat
Country Meaning(Land of the Kalaallit)
Motto (No official motto)
Anthem ()
Population56,541 (0.00% of the world)
LanguagesGreenlandic (West Greenlandic or Kalaallisut is the official language), Danish, English
Alpha Code »GL / GRL
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Danish krone (kr DKK)
Central Bank »Danmarks Nationalbank
Calling Codes+299
Area Total Area: 2,166,086 km2 (836,330 sq mi)
Land: 2,166,086 km2 (836,330 sq mi)
Water: 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
ContinentNorth America
RegionNorthern America
Lat/Long71.7069360, -42.6043030
Timezone3 timezone(s)