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Official NameThe Republic of Guinea
Country Meaning(Land of the Black Men)
MottoWork, Justice, Solidarity (Official)
AnthemLiberté (Freedom)
Population12,907,395 (0.16% of the world)
LanguagesFrench (official), Pular, Maninka, Susu, other native languages
Alpha Code »GN / GIN
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Guinean franc (Fr GNF)
Central Bank »Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea
Calling Codes+224
Area Total Area: 245,857 km2 (94,926 sq mi)
Land: 245,717 km2 (94,872 sq mi)
Water: 140 km2 (54 sq mi)
RegionWestern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa
Lat/Long9.9455870, -9.6966450
Timezone1 timezone(s)