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Official NameHungary
Country Meaning(Country of Magyars)
MottoWith the help of God for Homeland and Freedom (formerly, unofficial) (No official motto)
AnthemHimnusz (Hymn)
Population9,730,000 (0.12% of the world)
LanguagesHungarian (official) 99.6%, English 16%, German 11.2%, Russian 1.6%, Romanian 1.3%, French 1.2%, other 4.2% (2011 est.)
Alpha Code »HU / HUN
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Hungarian forint (Ft HUF)
Central Bank »Hungarian National Bank
Calling Codes+36
Area Total Area: 93,028 km2 (35,918 sq mi)
Land: 89,608 km2 (34,598 sq mi)
Water: 3,420 km2 (1,320 sq mi)
RegionEastern Europe
Lat/Long47.1624940, 19.5033040
Timezone1 timezone(s)