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Marshall Islands

CountryMarshall Islands
Official NameThe Republic of the Marshall Islands
Country Meaning(Island of John Marshall)
MottoAccomplishment/Achievement through Joint Effort (Official)
AnthemForever Marshall Islands ()
Population54,516 (0.00% of the world)
LanguagesMarshallese (official) 98.2%, other languages 1.8% (1999 census)
Alpha Code »MH / MHL
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol United States dollar ($ USD)
Central Bank »n/a
Calling Codes+692
Area Total Area: 181 km2 (70 sq mi)
Land: 181 km2 (70 sq mi)
Water: 11,673 km2 (4,507 sq mi)
Lat/Long7.1314740, 171.1844780
Timezone1 timezone(s)