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Official NameThe Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Country Meaning(Swift and Strong)
MottoHappiness through harmony. Currently none. (Official)
AnthemKaba Ma Kyei (Till the End of the World)
Population55,294,979 (0.70% of the world)
LanguagesBurmese (official)
Alpha Code »MM / MMR
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Burmese kyat (Ks MMK)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Myanmar
Calling Codes+95
Area Total Area: 676,578 km2 (261,228 sq mi)
Land: 653,508 km2 (252,321 sq mi)
Water: 23,070 km2 (8,910 sq mi)
RegionSouth-eastern Asia
Lat/Long21.9139650, 95.9562230
Timezone1 timezone(s)