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Official NameThe Republic of Namibia
Country Meaning(Land where there is nothing)
MottoUnity, liberty, justice (Official)
AnthemNamibia, Land of the Brave ()
Population2,550,226 (0.03% of the world)
LanguagesOshiwambo languages 49.7%, Nama/Damara 11%, Kavango languages 10.4%, Afrikaans 9.4% (also a common language), Herero languages 9.2%, Zambezi languages 4.9%, English (official) 2.3%, other African languages 1.5%, other European languages .7%, other 1% (2016 est.)
Alpha Code »NA / NAM
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Namibian dollar ($ NAD)
South African rand
Central Bank »Bank of Namibia
Calling Codes+264
Area Total Area: 825,615 km2 (318,772 sq mi)
Land: 823,290 km2 (317,870 sq mi)
Water: 2,425 km2 (936 sq mi)
RegionSouthern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa
Lat/Long-22.9576400, 18.4904100
Timezone1 timezone(s)