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Official NameThe Republic of Nicaragua
Country Meaning(Land by the Water)
MottoIn God We Trust (Official)
AnthemSalve a ti, Nicaragua (Hail to Thee, Nicaragua)
Population6,595,674 (0.08% of the world)
LanguagesSpanish (official) 95.3%, Miskito 2.2%, Mestizo of the Caribbean coast 2%, other 0.5% (2005 est.)
Alpha Code »NI / NIC
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Nicaraguan córdoba (C$ NIO)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Nicaragua
Calling Codes+505
Area Total Area: 130,373 km2 (50,337 sq mi)
Land: 119,990 km2 (46,330 sq mi)
Water: 10,380 km2 (4,010 sq mi)
ContinentNorth America
RegionCentral America Latin America and the Caribbean
Lat/Long12.8654160, -85.2072290
Timezone1 timezone(s)