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Official NameThe Republic of Paraguay
Country Meaning(People Born Along the River)
MottoPeace and justice (Official)
AnthemHimno Nacional Paraguayo (Paraguayan National Anthem)
Population7,353,038 (0.09% of the world)
LanguagesSpanish (official) and Guarani (official) 46.3%, only Guarani 34%, only Spanish 15.2%, other (includes Portuguese, German, other indigenous languages) 4.1% , no response .4% (2012 est.)
Alpha Code »PY / PRY
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Paraguayan guaraní (₲ PYG)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Paraguay
Calling Codes+595
Area Total Area: 406,752 km2 (157,048 sq mi)
Land: 397,302 km2 (153,399 sq mi)
Water: 9,450 km2 (3,650 sq mi)
ContinentSouth America
RegionSouth America Latin America and the Caribbean
Lat/Long-23.4425030, -58.4438320
Timezone1 timezone(s)