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Official NameRomania
Country Meaning(Citizens of Rome)
Motto (No official motto)
AnthemDeșteaptă-te, române! (Awaken Thee, Romanian!)
Population19,317,984 (0.25% of the world)
LanguagesRomanian (official) 85.4%, Hungarian 6.3%, Romani 1.2%, other 1%, unspecified 6.1% (2011 est.)
Alpha Code »RO / ROU
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Romanian leu (lei RON)
Central Bank »National Bank of Romania
Calling Codes+40
Area Total Area: 238,397 km2 (92,046 sq mi)
Land: 231,291 km2 (89,302 sq mi)
Water: 7,100 km2 (2,700 sq mi)
RegionEastern Europe
Lat/Long45.9431610, 24.9667600
Timezone1 timezone(s)