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Official NameThe Russian Federation
Country Meaning(Land of the Rus)
MottoForward, Russia! (unofficial) (No official motto)
AnthemGosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii (State Hymn of the Russian Federation)
Population146,171,015 (1.86% of the world)
LanguagesRussian (official) 85.7%, Tatar 3.2%, Chechen 1%, other 10.1% (2010 est.)
Alpha Code »RU / RUS
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Russian ruble (₽ RUB)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Russia
Calling Codes+7
Area Total Area: 17,098,246 km2 (6,601,670 sq mi)
Land: 16,377,742 km2 (6,323,482 sq mi)
Water: 720,500 km2 (278,200 sq mi)
RegionEastern Europe
Lat/Long61.5240100, 105.3187560
Timezone11 timezone(s)