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Solomon Islands

CountrySolomon Islands
Official NameThe Solomon Islands
Country Meaning(King Soloman Islands)
MottoTo lead is to serve (Official)
AnthemGod Save Our Solomon Islands ()
Population728,041 (0.01% of the world)
LanguagesMelanesian pidgin (in much of the country is lingua franca), English (official but spoken by only 1%-2% of the population), 120 indigenous languages
Alpha Code »SB / SLB
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Solomon Islands dollar ($ SBD)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Solomon Islands
Calling Codes+677
Area Total Area: 28,896 km2 (11,157 sq mi)
Land: 27,986 km2 (10,805 sq mi)
Water: 910 km2 (350 sq mi)
Lat/Long-9.6457100, 160.1561940
Timezone1 timezone(s)