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Official NameThe Republic of Suriname
Country Meaning(Land of the Surinens)
MottoJustice, piety, loyalty (Official)
AnthemGod zij met ons Suriname (God Be With Our Suriname)
Population43,539,365 (0.55% of the world)
LanguagesDutch (official), English (widely spoken), Sranang Tongo (Surinamese, sometimes called Taki-Taki, is the native language of Creoles and much of the younger population and is lingua franca among others), Caribbean Hindustani (a dialect of Hindi), Javanese
Alpha Code »SR / SUR
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Surinamese dollar ($ SRD)
Central Bank »Central Bank of Suriname
Calling Codes+597
Area Total Area: 163,820 km2 (63,250 sq mi)
Land: 156,000 km2 (60,000 sq mi)
Water: 7,820 km2 (3,020 sq mi)
ContinentSouth America
RegionSouth America Latin America and the Caribbean
Lat/Long3.9193050, -56.0277830
Timezone1 timezone(s)