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Official NameUkraine
Country Meaning(Borderland)
MottoLiberty, concord, goodness (Official)
AnthemShche ne vmerla Ukraina (Ukraine's Glory Has Not Perished)
Population41,487,960 (0.53% of the world)
LanguagesUkrainian (official) 67.5%, Russian (regional language) 29.6%, other (includes small Crimean Tatar-, Moldovan/Romanian-, and Hungarian-speaking minorities) 2.9% (2001 est.)
Alpha Code »UA / UKR
Internet Domain
Currency Symbol Ukrainian hryvnia (₴ UAH)
Central Bank »National Bank of Ukraine
Calling Codes+380
Area Total Area: 603,500 km2 (233,000 sq mi)
Land: 579,300 km2 (223,700 sq mi)
Water: 24,200 km2 (9,300 sq mi)
RegionEastern Europe
Lat/Long48.3794330, 31.1655800
Timezone2 timezone(s)