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Andorra Flag

Flag of Andorra
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Andorra]
Aspect Ratio(7:10)
Color Scheme blue,yellow,red
Color and Design

A vertical tricolour of blue, yellow and red with the National Coat of Arms centred on the yellow band.

Meaning & SymbolismThe coat of arms in the flag displays a different symbol in each quarter of the design, and each one represents a historical lord of Andorra. Proceeding clockwise from the upper left, they represent the Bishop of Urgell, the Count of Foix, the King of Aragon, and the Viscount of Bearn. The Bishop and the Count were both princes of Andorra, while Aragon and Bearn ruled over it as feudal overlords at different points in the country's history.

The design is related to the flags of France, Spain, Catalonia and Foix, the lands historically linked with the small country. The blue and red of the Andorran flag are also found on the French flag, with red and yellow also being the colors of the Catalan flag (as the old royal symbol of the Crown of Aragon) and the arms of the old County of Foix (currently part of France).
Description and Brief History

Andorra flags are a reflection of the nation's heritage and ancient history. The flag combines aspects of several other flags that have been associated with the people of Andorra and their feudal rulers to create a flag that encapsulates that nation while also showing respect for the foreign powers to which it has often been tied.

Andorra's national flag was adopted (in it's present form) in 1993. The blue, yellow and red tricolour has been used since the last half of the 19th century. Blue and red are the colors of France's flag, and the yellow and red are from Spain's flag. Together the reflect Franco-Spanish protection. The center image is a combination the arms of the bishopric of Urge, the counts of Foiz, Catalonia and Bearn. The motto is "United strength is stronger."


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