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Aruba Flag

Flag of Aruba
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Aruba]
Aspect Ratio(2:3)
Color Schemeblue yellow,red
Color and Design

A field of light blue, two narrow parallel horizontal yellow stripes in the bottom half, and a four-pointed white-fimbriated red star in the canton.

Meaning & SymbolismThe blue represents the sea that surrounds Aruba; yellow is the color of abundance, representing the island's past and its industries of gold, aloe and oil; red is for the love each Aruban has for the country and the ancient industry of Brazilwood; and white symbolizes the snow-white beaches as well as the purity of the hearts of Aruba's people who strive for justice, order and liberty.

The symbols on the flag of Aruba consist of a red star and two yellow stripes. The red star represents the four points of the compass, with the island having drawn people from around the world. The star also represents the island itself, surrounded by the beautiful blue sea. The horizontal yellow stripes denote the free and separate position Aruba enjoys in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Description and Brief History

The national flag of Aruba flag consists of a field of light blue (called "United Nations Blue"), two narrow parallel horizontal yellow ("Bunting Yellow") stripes in the bottom half, and a four-pointed white-fimbriated red ("Union Flag red") star in the canton. The flag was designed in part by vexillologist Whitney Smith.


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