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Austria Flag

Flag of Austria
Flag Name(s)Rot-Weiss-Rot ("Red-white-red"), Bindenschild [Flag Of Austria]
Aspect Ratio(2:3)
Color Schemered white
Color and Design

A horizontal triband of red (top and bottom) and white.

Meaning & SymbolismThe red stands for strength and bravery, while the white stands for peace and honesty.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Austria (Austrian German: Flagge Österreichs) is the flag of the nation of Austria. It consists of three bands of color in the following order: red, white, and red. It is considered one of the oldest national symbols still in use by a modern country, with its first recorded use in 1230. The Austrian triband flag originated from the arms of the Babenberg dynasty. As opposed to other flags, such as the black-and-yellow banner of the Habsburgs, the red-white-red flag was from very early on associated, not with a reigning family or monarch, but with the country itself. In addition to serving as the flag of Austria since 1230, it was adopted as the naval ensigns and flags of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and Duchy of Modena and Reggio in the 18th and 19th century respectively, as both were ruled by cadet branches of the House of Habsburg.


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