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Belgium Flag

Flag of Belgium
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Belgium]
Aspect Ratio(13:15)
Color Scheme black,yellow,red
Color and Design

A vertical tricolour of black, yellow, and red.

Meaning & SymbolismThere are three colors used in the flag of Belgium: red, black and yellow. These colors were taken from the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant, as previously mentioned. The red represents the red lion of Hainaut, Limburg and Luxembourg. The yellow represents the yellow lion of Brabant. Finally, the black stripe represents the black lion of Namur and Flanders. It is also believed that the black represents humility, yellow for prosperity, and finally red for victory.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Belgium is a tricolor consisting of three equal vertical bands displaying the national colours of Belgium: black, yellow, and red. The colours were taken from the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant, and the vertical design may be based on the flag of France. When flown, the black band is nearest the pole (at the hoist side). It has the unusual proportions of 13:15. In 1830 the flag, at that time non-officially, consisted of three horizontal bands, with the colors red, yellow and black. On January 23, 1831, the National Congress enshrined the tricolor in the Constitution, but did not determine the direction and order of the color bands. As a result, the "official" flag was given vertical stripes with the colors black, yellow and red.


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