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Christmas Island Flag

Flag of Christmas Island
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Christmas Island]
Aspect Ratio(1:2)
Color Scheme green, blue yellow,white
Color and Design

Blue/green diagonal bicolour charged with a southern cross of four seven-pointed white stars and one smaller five-pointed white star on the blue half, a golden bosun bird in gold on the green half, and a gold circle in the centre containing the shape of the island in green.

Meaning & SymbolismThe green and blue background colors represent the land and sea respectively. The golden bosun bird (white-tailed tropicbird) is considered to be the symbol of the Island. The motif appears in the center of the flag on a golden disc is the map of the island in green. The the green color of the map also linked to the mining industry.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Christmas Island was unofficially adopted in 1986 after being chosen the winner in a competition for a flag for the territory. It was designed by Tony Couch of Sydney, Australia. The flag was made official on Australia Day, 2002 when the administrator of the territory, Bill Taylor, presented the flag to the Christmas Island Shire.

The first attempt to make the flag official occurred in 1995 when the Minister of the Islands at the time took the view that implementation could take place on Australia Day 1996 via a formal announcement by the Administrator rather than an amendment to the Christmas Island Act 1958. Although this was agreed, the declaration never took place. Subsequently, Christmas Island official Gary Dunt revived the issue in 2001 and the flag was formally declared the official flag of Christmas Island on Australia Day 2002 (26 January), by the administrator of the territory, Bill Taylor. Councillor Mariam Kawi accepted the flag as a representative of the Shire of Christmas Island.


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