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Greenland Flag

Flag of Greenland
Flag Name(s)Aappalaartoq ("The red"), Erfalasorput ("Our flag") [Flag Of Greenland]
Aspect Ratio(2:3)
Color Scheme red,white
Color and Design

A horizontal bicolour of white and red (PMS 186C), with a counterchanged disk slightly off-centre towards the hoist.

Meaning & SymbolismThe colours of the Greenland flag are the same as those of the Denmark flag "Dannebrog", symbolizing Greenland's place in the Danish realm.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Greenland was designed by Greenland native Thue Christiansen. It features two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red with a large disk slightly to the hoist side of centre. The top half of the disk is red, the bottom half is white. The top half of the flag bears a slight resemblance to the Flag of Japan as a result. The entire flag measures 18 by 12 parts; each stripe measures 6 parts; the disk is 8 parts in diameter, horizontally offset by 7 parts from the hoist to the centre of the circle, and vertically centered. Its local name in the Greenlandic language is Erfalasorput, which means "our flag". The term Aappalaartoq (meaning "the red") is also used for both the Greenlandic flag and the flag of Denmark (Dannebrog). Today, Greenlanders display both the Erfalasorput and the Dannebrog, often side by side. The flag of Greenland is the only national flag of a Nordic country or territory without a Nordic Cross.


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