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Isle Of Man Flag

Flag of Isle of Man
Flag Name(s)Tree Cassyn Vannin ("Three Legs of Mann") [Flag Of Isle of Man]
Aspect Ratio(1:2)
Color Schemered white,yellow
Color and Design

A triskelion made up of three armoured legs with golden spurs, in the centre of a red flag.

Meaning & SymbolismThere are many theories on what the manx triskelion represents. One theory is that the three legs facing every direction represent the motto of the isle of man, "quocunque jeceris stabit" (wherever you throw it, it will stand.) another theory is that the triskelion represents the Celtic Sea God, Mannanin, who in manx mythology was the protector of the isle of man. It is said that Mannanin turned into three legs to combat saint patrick and assert himself over his people. It is also possible that both are correct, as the motto of the Isle of Man is what Mannanin proclaimed after changing into the three legs. Manx people will often tell you out of humour that the flag has counter-clockwise facing legs so that they are unable to kneel to the British.
Description and Brief History

The flag of the Isle of Man or flag of Mann is a triskelion, composed of three armoured legs with golden spurs, upon a red background. It has been the official flag of Mann since 1 December 1932 and is based on the Manx coat of arms, which dates back to the 13th century. The three legs are known in Manx as ny tree cassyn ("the three legs"). The triskelion is an ancient symbol, used by the Mycenaeans and the Lycians.


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