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Ivory Coast (cote D Ivoire) Flag

Flag of Ivory Coast (Cote d Ivoire)
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Ivory Coast (Cote d Ivoire)]
Aspect Ratio(2:3)
Color Scheme orange, white, green
Color and Design

A vertical tricolor of orange, white, and green.

Meaning & SymbolismThe orange stripe stands for the nation's land, especially the savanna that dominates the northernmost parts of the country. The white band is a symbol of peace. The green stripe represents the forests that dominate the southern portion of the nation as well as hope for the future. The vertical tricolor pattern is derived from the flag of France, which once ruled over the nation, so it serves as a symbol of the country's past. The flag of Ivory Coast uses the same color scheme as the flag of Niger, which represents the bond between the two countries.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Ivory Coast (French: drapeau de la Côte d'Ivoire) features three equal vertical bands of orange (hoist side), white, and green. The first Ivory Coast flag to see regular use was the French flag, which represented the nation while it was a French colony. The government of France did not use colonial flags in order to prevent them from encouraging nationalist sentiment in the colonies, so the country did not have a unique flag until the end of the colonial period.

The modern flag of Ivory Coast dates back to 1959, when a large number of nations in Africa won their independence from their colonial overlords. The flag's adoption slightly predates the formal recognition of the country's independence, which occurred in 1960. The flag is an anomaly in West Africa in that it does not feature the colors of the Pan-Africa movement like the vast majority of the flags used by neighboring nations. The government chose the distinctive design in spite of the fact that it maintained a loose alliance with many other new African nations that chose to use the Pan-African colors as a sign of solidarity with each other and the rest of Africa. The government's unique design was a popular choice, and it has not been changed since it was first adopted.

Ivory Coast flag also bears a strong resemblance to the Irish flag, but the similarity is purely coincidental.


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