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Jersey Flag

Flag of Jersey
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Jersey]
Aspect Ratio(3:5)
Color Schemewhite red yellow
Color and Design

Red saltire on a white field, surmounted by a yellow Plantagenet crown, and the badge of Jersey.

Meaning & Symbolismn/a
Description and Brief History

The flag of Jersey is composed of a red saltire on a white field. In the upper quadrant the badge of Jersey surmounted by a yellow "Plantagenet crown". The flag was adopted by the States of Jersey on 12 June 1979, proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II on 10 December 1980 and first officially hoisted on 7 April 1981.

The current flag is the first to be adopted officially. Unofficially, a plain red saltire had been used since at least the 1830s. The official flag adds the badge and crown to this.


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