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North Macedonia Flag

Flag of North Macedonia
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of North Macedonia]
Aspect Ratio(1:2)
Color Schemered yellow
Color and Design

A stylised yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the centre to the edge of the field.

Meaning & SymbolismThe color of red and yellow (appeared in the sun rays) have always been considered the main colors representing Macedonia, probably because of the colors of the historical coat of arms of the country. The eight-rayed sun represents the "new sun of Liberty" referred to in "Denes nad Makedonija", the national anthem of North Macedonia.
Description and Brief History

The national flag of North Macedonia depicts a stylized yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the center to the edge of the field. It was created by Miroslav GrĨev and was adopted on 5 October 1995. The first flag of the country, known as the Vergina Flag, featured the Vergina Sun, a symbol that had been discovered at Aigai, the first capital and burial ground of the ancient kings of Macedon. Greece considers the Vergina Sun to be a Greek symbol and imposed a year-long economic embargo in order to force the then Republic of Macedonia to remove it from its flag, resulting in the current design.

Several Macedonia flags have been authorized for use since the middle of the 20th century. The first was authorized by the Anti-Fascist Assembly of the National Liberation of Macedonia in 1944. It was a communist government, and it adopted a flag that followed the pattern set by other such nations. The flag had a solid red field with the outline of a gold star in the center. Both the color and the star were common symbols of communism that served to emphasize the government's political leanings.

Macedonia became part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, at which time it adopted a new flag. It used a variation on its previous flag which shrank and repositioned the star rather than adopting the Pan-Slavic colors associated with the rest of Yugoslavia. Macedonia adopted the Vergina flag in 1992. It resembled the modern flag, but it used the classical form of the star instead of the modern emblem. The flag led to political difficulties with Greece, which were largely resolved when Macedonia adopted the modern flag in 1995.


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