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Paraguay Flag

Flag of Paraguay
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Paraguay]
Aspect Ratio(11:20)
Color Scheme red,white,blue
Color and Design

An horizontal triband of red, white and blue, defaced on the obverse with the coat of arms of Paraguay, and on the reverse by the reverse side of the arms.

Meaning & SymbolismThe coat of arms and its yellow star (on front/primary side) represent the independence of Paraguay on 14 May 1811. While the emblem on the reverse side is the seal of the treasury: a yellow lion below a red Phrygian cap on the top of a pole is a symbol of courage and defence of liberty. The phrase "Paz y Justicia" is for "Peace and Justice". For the colors, the red stripe represents patriotism, courage, equality and justice. White stands for unity, peace and purity. And blue is for sharpness, sense of reality & liberty. The colours of the flag are believed to be inspired from the flag of France to show independence and liberty.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Paraguay was first adopted in 1842. Its tricolor design, a red, white and blue, was inspired by the colours of the French Tricolour flag, believed to signify independence and liberty.

The flag is unusual because it differs on its obverse and reverse sides: the obverse of the flag shows the national coat of arms, and the reverse shows the seal of the treasury.

The flag is officially adopted in 1842. Each side of this tricolour contains a horizontal tricolor of red, white and blue with the National Emblem centered on the white band. The emblem on the obverse side (primary side) is the national coat of arms of Paraguay: a yellow five-pointed star surrounded by a green wreath of palm and olive leaves tied with ribbons of the colour of the stripes, and capped by the words REPUBLICA DEL PARAGUAY "Republic of Paraguay" in Spanish, all within two concentric circles. And the emblem on the reverse side is the seal of the treasury: a yellow lion below a red Phrygian cap on the top of a pole with the words Paz y Justicia meaning "Peace and Justice".

The differences in the obverse and reverse sides comes from the period when José de Francia was in power (1814–1840). On July 15, 2013, the flag was revised. The coat of arms was simplified and the design was brought closer to its original form.


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