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Qatar Flag

Flag of Qatar
Flag Name(s)Al-Adaam ("Support flag"), Innabi ("The Maroon") [Flag Of Qatar]
Aspect Ratio(11:28)
Color Schememaroon white,red
Color and Design

A white band on the hoist side, separated from a maroon area on the fly side by nine white triangles which act as a serrated line.

Meaning & SymbolismThe maroon color portion of the flag represents the economic history of Qatar. The country was a major producer of purple dye during antiquity, which was a hugely expensive color throughout most of history. The white section of the flag is a symbol of peace, particularly the peace that reigned in the region following the nation's treaties with the British Empire.
Description and Brief History

The national flag of Qatar in one of the most distinctive flags in the whole world. Their design strongly resembles that of Bahrain, but no other national flags use a similar pattern. It is easy to tell the flag of Qatar from the flag of Bahrain in spite of their similar pattern due to the Qatari flag's proportions, which are completely unique to it. The flag of Qatar is the only national flag to be more than twice as wide as its height.

Qatar flags have a white section along the hoist and a maroon section that takes up the rest of the flag. The two sections are separated by a serrated line that consists of nine triangles. The nine triangles represent the fact that Qatar was the ninth of the reconciled emirates in the Persian Gulf.

Qatar's historic flag was plain red, in correspondence with the red banner traditionally used by the Kharjite Muslims. In the 19th century, the country modified its entirely red flag with the addition of a white vertical stripe at the hoist to suit the British directive. After this addition, Sheikh Mohammed bin Thani officially adopted a patterned purple-red and white flag which bore a strong resemblance to its modern derivative. Several additions were made to the Qatari flag in 1932, with the nine-pointed serrated edge, diamonds and the word "Qatar" being integrated in its design. The maroon colour was standardised in 1949. In the 1960s, Sheikh Ali Al Thani removed the wording and diamonds from the flag.[4] The flag was officially adopted on 9 July 1971 and was virtually identical to the 1960s flag, with the exception of the height-to-width proportion.


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