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Rwanda Flag

Flag of Rwanda
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Rwanda]
Aspect Ratio(2:3)
Color Scheme blue,yellow,green
Color and Design

A horizontal tricolour of blue (double width), yellow and green; charged with a sun-yellow sun in the upper-fly side corner.

Meaning & SymbolismThe flag has three colours: blue, green and yellow, The blue represents happiness and peace. Yellow symbolizes economic development. And the green symbolizes the hope of prosperity. The yellow sun represents spiritual enlightenment. The current flag also represents national unity, respect for work, heroism, and confidence in the future. It was adopted to avoid connotations to the 1994 genocide.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Rwanda is currently one of the youngest flags in the world, since it has only been in use since October 25, 2001. It is not the first Rwanda flag in history, but it bears very little resemblance to any of the previous flags that have represented the nation. The new tricolor flag blue-green-yellow represents national unity, respect for work, heroism, and confidence in the future. It was adopted to avoid connotations to the 1994 genocide. The flag was designed by Alphonse Kirimobenecyo.

Rwanda's previous flag was a red-yellow-green tricolour associated with Pan-African colour; with a large black letter "R" (standing for Rwanda). Derived from Ethiopia, the flag was changed because it became associated with the brutality of the 1994 genocide.

It is impossible to separate the history of the Rwanda flag from the political history of the nation itself. Several different flags represented the region during the period when it was dominated by the colonial powers of Europe. The first was the flag of German East Africa, which featured a black cross on a white field with a red square that held five white stars in the canton. That flag fell out of use in the aftermath of the first world war when the territory of Rwanda was transferred to Belgium following the German defeat.

Rwanda did not have a colonial flag while it was part of the Belgian Empire. It was represented by the flag of Belgium, which was a vertical tricolor that influenced the designs of the flags that would come after it. Rwanda became independent from Belgium and adopted a new flag in 1959, and that new flag was an adaptation of the Belgian flag that included the Pan-African colors. The design was used for only two years before it was changed to include a black R in the center of the flag. That flag represented Rwanda for forty years before it was discarded in the aftermath of the Rwandan Genocide. The government wanted to move on from the past after the event ended, so they adopted a new flag to embody their hope for a better future. That flag came into use in 2001, and it has not changed since.


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