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San Marino Flag

Flag of San Marino
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of San Marino]
Aspect Ratio(3:4)
Color Scheme blue,white
Color and Design

A horizontal bicolour of white and light blue; charged with the Coat of arms in the centre.

Meaning & SymbolismThe white stripe on the flag represents peace, while the blue stripe is a symbol of liberty. The three towers on the flag represent the three castles that the people of San Marino constructed on Mount Titano, which is one of the nation's most distinctive landmarks.
Description and Brief History

The national flag of San Marino consists of two horizontal stripes of white and light blue with the nation's coat of arms in the center of the flag. The coat of arms features a shield that displays three towers standing on top of three peaks. The shield is topped by a crown and sits in the center of a laurel wreath. A scroll that contains the Latin word "Libertas" is placed under the wreath. The current flag was adopted on 6 April 1862 by a Decree of the Supreme Council and since then, little but graphic details of the coat of arms and some proportions were changed.

The first San Marino flag in recorded history had three horizontal stripes of orange, white, and purple with the emblem of three towers on three peaks in the center of the white stripe. The oldest record of the flag dates back to 1465, but it is not clear if the flag was designed at that time or if it was derived from an older pattern. The flag remained in use until 1862, at which point it was replaced with a precursor to the modern flag. The flag of 1862 took its colors from cockade which the nation's government commissioned in 1797. The flag differed from the current design only in that it used a different form of the coat of arms and used a different shade of blue than the modern flag. That current flag of San Marino came into use in 2011.


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