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Serbia Flag

Flag of Serbia
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Serbia]
Aspect Ratio(2:3)
Color Scheme red,blue,white
Color and Design

A horizontal tricolour of red, blue, and white; charged with the lesser Coat of arms left of center.

Meaning & SymbolismThe double-headed eagle is a symbol that dates back to the Byzantine Empire and emphasizes the nation's ties to Europe's past. The flag uses the Pan-Slavic colors, which gives the Serbia flag meaning as a sign of solidarity with many of the other nations in Eastern Europe. The Pan-Slavic colors also represent the revolutionary ideas of sovereignty. The red color means the bloodshed during the struggle for freedom. The blue color symbolizes the clear sky, and the white color signifies dazzling bright light.
Description and Brief History

The tricolor flag of Serbia consisting of three equal horizontal bands, red on the top, blue in the middle, and white on the bottom. The coat of arms is added on the center left.

The first reference to a Serbian flag dates back to 1281, although it is likely that the flag itself predates the reference, and may have been adopted as early as 1233. The flag was divided horizontally into equal portions of red and blue. A later reference to Serbian flags refers to the Serbian military using yellow flags in battle in 1326, although it is not clear if they were also used in times of peace.

The first Serbian flag in the modern era dates back to 1835. It had the same three stripes as the current flag, but it did not include any emblems. The full coat of arms was added to the flag in 1882, but that flag fell out of use in 1918 and was not replaced until 1942. The new flag used a red star in place of the coat of arms. The star was removed from the flag in 1992, and the flag lacked an emblem until 2004. The flag of 2004 used a variant on the lesser coat of arms that was replaced by the current form in 2010.


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