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Trinidad And Tobago Flag

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Trinidad and Tobago]
Aspect Ratio(3:5)
Color Schemered black white
Color and Design

A red field with a white-fimbriated black diagonal band from the upper hoist-side to the lower fly-side.

Meaning & SymbolismThe red field was intended to be reminiscent of fire, which was understood as a symbol of courage and valor. The black represented the earth and the dedication of the nation's people. The white border around that stripe represents water and purity.
Description and Brief History

The flag of Trinidad and Tobago is a red field with a white-edged black diagonal band from the upper hoist side to the lower fly-side. In blazon, Gules, a bend Sable fimbriated Argent. The flag was adopted upon independence from the United Kingdom on 31 August 1962. Designed by Carlisle Chang, the flag was chosen by the independence committee of 1962.

The current flag is not the first Trinidad flag. That honor goes to the colonial Trinidad flag, which was given to the islands during their time in the British Empire. The flag resembled many other colonial flags. It had a solid blue field that was decorated with the Union Jack in the flag's canton and the seal of Trinidad and Tobago in the fly. That seal depicted a ship arriving in port near a mountain in tribute to the geography of the islands.

Trinidad and Tobago began to work towards their independence from Britain after the second world war reached its conclusion. The government began to look for a new flag as part of their efforts, and it eventually settled on a submission from Carlisle Chang. The national independence committee formally adopted the design as the Trinidad and Tobago flag in 1962. The design was also adapted for use in many other flags associated with the national government, including the nation's naval ensign and Prime Minister's standard. Chang's design proved to be popular with the people of Trinidad and Tobago, and it has not been changed since it was first adopted to represent the islands on the world stage.


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