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Zimbabwe Flag

Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag Name(s) [Flag Of Zimbabwe]
Aspect Ratio(1:2)
Color Scheme white,green,yellow,red,black
Color and Design

Seven horizontal stripes of green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow and green with a black-edged white isosceles triangle base on the hoist side bearing a Zimbabwe bird superimposed on a red five-pointed star.

Meaning & SymbolismThe soapstone bird featured on the flag represents a statuette of a bird found at the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. The bird symbolises the history of Zimbabwe; the red star beneath it officially stands for the nation's aspirations but is commonly thought to symbolise socialism, and the revolutionary struggle for freedom and peace.
Description and Brief History

The national flag of Zimbabwe consists of seven even horizontal stripes of green, gold, red and black with a white triangle containing a red 5-pointed star with a Zimbabwe Bird. The present design was adopted on 18 April 1980. The design is based on the flag of Zimbabwe's ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front.

Zimbabwe was a British colony for many years before it gained its independence in the modern era, and it was represented by several different Zimbabwe flags while it was part of the British Empire. The colony was initially known as Southern Rhodesia, which was represented by a standard colonial flag. The flag had a dark blue field and it displayed both the Union Jack in the canton and the seal of Southern Rhodesia in the fly. The seal featured a shield that displayed a golden pick on a green field below a white stripe with a red lion between two plants. The lion was a symbol of the British Empire, but the other symbols represented the unique features of the colony itself. This was the nation's first colonial flag, and it was used between 1923 and 1964.

The nation became Rhodesia in 1964, and gained a new flag to go with the new name. It had the same emblems as the old flag, but the field was a significantly lighter shade of blue. That flag was only used until 1968, when it was replaced with a new design that featured a vertical band of white with the nation's coat of arms between two bands of green. A precursor to the modern flag came into use in 1979, and it was replaced with the current flag of Zimbabwe in 1980.


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